Since 2019, Newham Travel Ltd has released a new product, Bakka tours for Islamic
Bakka tours offer specialist Hajj & Umrah services to our customers. Let Bakka Tours
be the facilitator. Our excellent accommodation arrangements, transport services and
ground handling ensure that you are always focused on your religious obligations. Our
Hajj Packages are carefully constructed and meticulously planned.
Several travel agencies offer Hajj Packages. Besides other travel agencies for Hajj,
Bakka Tours has now joined the league to facilitate the passionate Muslims on their
lifetime spiritual journey. At Bakka tours we are aware of how other hajj packages are
expensive and aim to make as as affordable and possible without overlooking
We have specialised in Hajj and Umrah tours to provide you with the best quality,
services and price. Our goal is to ensure your pilgrimage is one of prayers,
remembrance and contemplation. We guarantee you the best service that is
accommodating to your needs. We negotiate special deals with leading multiple Hajj
service providers in Saudi Arabia.
We are humbled to begin helping pilgrims on their Hajj and Ummrah journeys to the
holy cities in Saudi Arabia. We take pride in serving the pilgrims for the noble cause and
provide the best travel packages to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Our
well-versed travel experts strive to build a happy clientele with the passion to
accommodate you according to your needs. Avail the incredible services with
guaranteed quality and accuracy in fulfilment of your requirements while keeping a
vigilant eye on budget concerns for your Hajj in 2020. In addition to that, transform your
complete experience by personalising all your needs through our designed packages.
We are fond of crafting perfect combination of class and comfort for our clients.
With our focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure our Hajj services are

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